D.Catalano (aka Without You I’m Hunting Them), exists between the realms of Twin Peaks, and rhythmic hip hop themes.

Drawing from personal memories of being raised in Metropolitan New York, he maintains an appreciation of the modern world and the skyscrapers that help to create the neglected shadows they create.

Liner notes for Everyone Else that Isn’t You:

1. We’re not Friends but Someday Maybe we will be –

I wrote this last summer, I specifically set out to write an intro for this album, I originally had planned to make this longer and do a fast drum beat after the break like in DJ Shadow’s “Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2” but I lost the actual reason file along with a few others and thankfully what I had written up to was perfect for an introduction that lead right into another song.

2. John Clown Facey –

Originally titled “for all the fucked up children of the world” but it’s an album title by a group called Spacemen 3. one of the later songs I wrote for the album, when I was a kid I used to be infatuated with the “shitty kids” who lived around my neighborhood, maybe they stole from their parents, abused drugs. bullied other teens… I always had this image in my head of these teenagers all sitting in an old classroom with looks of regret for what they’ve done. like a purgatory.

3. Life was Cool –
I wanted to experiment with J57’s John Carpenter Sound Pack so that’s exactly what I did, I chose a loop I liked and built the song around that, the title comes from a story my Friend Travis wrote about being a kid and always being at the arcade, the story is really surreal and vivid and you don’t know what hes talking about until the end of the story but “Life was Cool” was one of the lines in it and I really loved that.

4. Hung Herself with a Volleyball Net –
this was the first song I wrote for the album, if you can guess where I got the title from, kudos to you. Im a big Art of Noise fan and I felt I channeled them a bit on this song, Moments of Love is one of my favorite songs period.

5. Strange Brother, Stranger Sister –
Another of the later songs I wrote for the album, there was this bizarre public access show I saw in elementary school about Library’s and a post apocalyptic world, it always stuck with me, for 20 something years I couldn’t think of the name and it always stayed with me.

last year I messaged an instagram account I follow VHS Finds who is always posting these 80’s and 90’s clips from various movies, specials, public access shows etc and he said try “Tomes and Talisman’s” sure enough it was, once I watched the first episode everything came back to me, all that wonder, it was an amazing feeling and it was the manifestation for the music I would start to write, look it up the music is real good and the show was well done too, especially for a public access show coming out of Mississippi in the 80’s.

The song is very dirty and murky sounding, much like tomes and talismans, it reminds me as if Three Six Mafia asked John Carpenter to make them a beat. Although this piece worked fine on its own, I felt it needed some kind of vocals so I had my buddy sing over it.

6. Walk Through their Bodies –
this was one of the first “complete” songs I ever wrote,(2011) I lost the reason file to this and had an old mp3 of it, the song as a whole didnt compare to what ive been writing now, I actually ended up finding the reason file and lost the drum sounds, I always loved the main melody, so why not use the stripped down version as an interlude?

7. Dimensions in Dream Homes –
I wrote this last summer, I wanted to write something I could ride my bike to early in the morning when no one is out in the world. first crack riding to this, it was very fitting.

8. A Life Full of Highlights / Move me with your Tears –
I wrote this just around the time Donald Trump was elected, a lot of people I know and in general were so distraught with this election outcome I felt for them… I remember seeing a video Quest Love shot of Dave Chappelle singing Radiohead’s Creep and I thought it was amazing, it was at the SNL after party and even though it was a troubling time for a lot, here’s Dave Chappelle singing a dark song but having so much fun doing so (a long with the crowd as well) it reminded me of how I felt, no matter how shitty things can be I can just escape into my own world and be content….Move me with your Tears is another one of the first compositions I ever wrote (2011 I believe as well), it used to have drums but I took them out and liked how well it worked without, I used to have this Degrassi (80’s) sample in the original about suicide but decided to leave it out, Ive been waiting to put this on a project.

9. Dust on the Casket –
I wrote this song this year, I was experimenting with effects and sounds and this came out of that… that dreary melody you hear at the end I re-purposed from an old song because it fit so well. this song also represents perhaps a newer writing style Ive been coming into.

10. Died for the Art –
I wrote this song during the time Kanye West was checking in and out of Hospitals for his Mental Health, Kanye West is a big influence of mine and I wanted to write something for him, an ode if you will, to me this may be what the music sounded like in his head during that time.

11. Always Difficult, Always Beautiful / Why do I have this Feeling you’re about to Mess up my Entire Life –
These were written for a movie I was tapped to compose a score for, unfortunately the movie was cancelled ( it had some big names attached to it production wise) .

These pieces in my opinion were also an evolution for me and my sound and I felt they needed to be heard.

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