Oakland/Brooklyn-based electro-soul singer Corina Corina has spent the past five years touring nonstop.

On a 2015 tour alongside Dj Halo (Fake Four), Corina Corina began writing what would become a tribute project to two of her favorite artists, Killer Mike and El-P, also known as Run the Jewels.

The timing of the project was perfect because her younger sibling, Mari C., recently received a degree in audio engineering from the SAE Institute at expressions College and wanted to collaborate. Hence, Run the Blues was born.

Run The Blues is a tribute mixtape featuring all original lyrics and melodies written by Corina Corina exclusively over beats from 2013’s Run the Jewels (Fool’s Gold Records) and 2014’s Run The Jewels 2, (Mass Appeal Records).

The project features scratches from Dj Halo, a verse from Philly emcee Deshawn Timothy (ex. Sgt. Sass) and a bonus track produced by Corina Corina’s longtime creative partner, Willie Green (Backwoodz Studioz) featuring Bay Area hip hop duo dubldragon.

The personal stories Corina Corina tells are inspired by her journeys on the road- from the disappointment that comes from lackluster show attendance, rap crushes, the connections she develops with her fellow musicians, and more!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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