Part Time Cooks have returned from their momentum-building 2017, which saw them signing with South Korea’s hottest hip-hop label Vis Major while dropping a flurry of singles. Their upcoming release of “Dope Dealer” serves a delicious appetizer from their upcoming EP, Sacrifices, due out in February.

“Dope Dealer” gives a little taste of everything Part Time Cooks have to offer. A range of delivery styles, from Black Moss’s seamless transitions from Zulu to English, to Saul Goode’s far-from-monotone verse, combined with lyrically substantial authentic vulnerability, “Dope Dealer” flashes an insight into the theme of Sacrifices.

Consistent high-grade execution has helped put these former overseas English teachers on the top of the radar, helping bring out and perform with industry staples Well$, G Yamazawa, Anderson .Paak, Wiz Khalifa, Raheem Kemet, and J-Live.

Part Time Cooks reflect the power of teamwork in an increasingly every-man-for-themselves based world. The hard working crew continue to make waves across Asia, The United States, and South Africa, bringing hip-hop culture to the masses.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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