With the feelings of a G still intact, Raging Moses returns with a brand new single just in time for when the leaves fall. In less than three minutes, he reminds us that in this world of spilling tea and clapping back – it’s good to talk.

For his new single, Raging Moses catches one over a sleek and dreamlike soundscape. While looking into the eye of the quiet storm, the artist makes time stand still with melodic bars that encapsulate calm and chaos, as well as clarity and confusion.

Threading these contrasting thoughts to together, in spite of these last days and times, is how sincerely Raging Moses expresses how much he values the extraordinary moments with you. The “you” could be your significant other, a higher power or just the here and now. Regardless, this new offering should do well in urging you to hold on to it or them a little while longer.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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