Following his reflective stint from an unidentified park bench, Kinetik’s usual stroll has become a full-fledged power walk filled with a feel-good pep in the step. Once again hooking up with his Swiss compadre, Soulseize, their new collaborative single, N.I.C.E., is like an inspirational quote that doesn’t annoy people.

The acronym which stands for, new insight creates enthusiasm, is not just hashtag ready, but it serves as a rallying call for those who choose prosperity over peril despite what circumstance may say. For the first time, Kinetik boldly embeds his West Indian heritage deep into his delivery and delivers a Windrush seasoned sermon over Soulseize’s boom-bap slaps and sax. Each line is a beacon of optimism and gratefulness for the important things and people in life. These little life niceties include cornmeal porridge to the love of a faithful partner.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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