Project Background: “The Magnificent Mutant: Volume 2” is the conclusion of the saga that brings about the end of days in the OverHorde timeline. When I put together a project, it has to be timeless, yet fit together with the chronological order of my catalog.

In OverHorde, there is the constant struggle between light and dark energy, the sources of pain and pleasure. TMM:V2 shows how the battle is playing out through the eyes of one who is ever changing, mutating into a grisely creation who may loose his own voice while speaking for others.

I truly embraced the mutations and tried to use them to my advantage in experimenting with different bpms, wordplay, flows and instrumentation, stretching them to reach into new depths.

When I got in the studio with my engineer, it was all about, “what we can do next?” never a question of “what’s hot or what what is everyone else doing?” It’s all about showing the world I am a mutant and I am magnificent because of, not in spite of.

Stream The Magnificent Mutant (Vol. 2) here.

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