Whether you enjoy Blu & Nottz’s work together or are just an all-around Hip-Hop head, you’ll find lots to love in their latest collab, “Yesterday” featuring longtime collaborator Sene and vocalist Elisa Meri.

The track is a particularly huge treat for those who copped Blu & Nottz’s two projects (Gods in the Spirit and Titans in the Flesh), which Coalmine Records is reissuing with much more than a glossy coat of paint.

The music’s been re-mixed and remastered so it’s nice and buttery, with stunning new artwork by Dan Lish, plus Blu restructured the track list to better suit his narrative.

And then there’s “Yesterday,” of course, the never-before-heard Blu & Nottz collabo that’s soulful and full of hope.

Meri’s vocals are a pure delight on the hook as she breathes life into the sample, while Blu & Sene take it back to their roots and trade verses.

Sene may now be better known as an actor—did you catch him in Luke Cage?—but his rap game clearly hasn’t lost a step.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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