Entertainment One (eOne) and Benny The Butcher recently announces a new, global label deal with Benny’s Black Soprano Family (BSF) imprint and unveil plans to release a slate of new music in 2020 for its roster. Under this new deal, Benny introduced Heem & Rick Hyde with the new BSF Single “Da Mob,” which is taken from the forthcoming Benny The Butcher & DJ Drama Presents: Gangsta Grillz X BSF Da Respected Sopranos, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

Now, Benny The Butcher branches out sonically with the introduction of two new BSF artists; and what Benny deems his new secret weapons; Young World & Flexx Babyy.

Though Benny is known for his gritty, boom bap sound, which “Da Mob” more closely resembled, he branches out with Young World and Flexx Babyy. While both artists hail from Buffalo, their respective sound offers something uniquely new and different to the BSF roster,

Today, Young World & Flexx Babyy respectively released new videos from their forthcoming BSF label releases, both of which will be released this summer.

“Young World has a lot of potential; if he stays hungry, he can go far. A versatile, raw talent.” “Flexx Babyy’s work ethic is unmatched; he’s the epitome of hungry. He can go in the studio and knock out 4, 5 songs like PAC” Benny The Butcher commented to HipHopDx. “I signed Young World and Flexx Babyy because I believe that both of them can be the next chapter of Black Soprano Family. Everyone is expecting me to only stick to the ‘boom bap’ sound. But I have bigger plans for the label and it starts with them.”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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