Houston rapper, M00kie-M00k M00-Y0U, recently dropped his latest project Getting to Know M00​-​Y0U on his Bandcamp for fans to enjoy.

Hosted by the one and only Peter Griffin, Getting to Know M00​-​Y0U is a 16-track album that showcases M00kie-M00k M00-Y0U’s rapping as well as songwriting abilities. Production is handled by an array of beatmakers, including Jaywan, Joe Chris and JR Beats.

In between snippets of Peter Griffin being his usual self, M00kie-M00k M00-Y0U drops rhymes relentlessly – especially on “Homegrown” which features M00kie-M00k just spazzing out over the funky production.

The album’s opening track and probably my favourite cut off Getting to Know M00​-​Y0U, “Awready Know” has an awesome, sunny, chilled vibe while a track like “Opinion” is features heavier production.

M00kie-M00k M00-Y0U: Born in 1985 and raised in Houston, Texas with a great respect and love for music of all genres. Some of my biggest influences musically are 2pac, Nas, Scarface, Mary J Blige, Outkast, Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Bun-B if you enjoy any of those artist you just may enjoy my material.

Make sure you stream Getting to Know M00​-​Y0U below and go cop the project for free on M00kie-M00k M00-Y0U’s Bandcamp page.

YouTube: youtube.com/user/ItzMook/

Twitter: twitter.com/M00kieM00k

Bandcamp: m00kiem00km00y0u.bandcamp.com

Written by Stop The Breaks
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