Minor is the latest release from Atlanta hip-hop artist FreeP.

As an up and coming producer, FreeP understands that instrumental tapes are essential in showcasing one’s ability outside of working with artist.

Minor, a 5 track instrumental tape, demonstrates that hip-hop lives and can evolve while maintaining its roots. The entitlement of the tape, Minor, illustrates what is to be expected sonically: minor chords, emotional perspectives, and sensitivity bringing about a high level of intuition.

FreeP: When listening to my sound, it’s obvious that it has a different feel to it in comparison to the norm. As I’ve molded myself for about a decade non stop, influences such as Pharell, Kanye West, Jim Lang, Johnny Juliano, and a few others have allowed a distinct feel and genuine vibe to come about from my work. With that being said, it’s a given that I bring something authentic to the sound of hip hop and music in general.

Stream Minor below and make sure you go cop the project on FreeP’s Bandcamp page.


Written by Stop The Breaks
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