For the most part, hip-hop music has always been a very competitive genre, built on battle raps, beefs, disses and the highest first-week sales.

While this competitive element has often led people to view hip-hop as unnecessarily violent and aggressive, it usually results in one thing; better music for the listeners.

When you think about N.W.A. and A Tribe Called Quest, you think of two seminal on complete opposite ends of the spectrum; one group was a driving force in gangsta rap while the other group were pioneers in alternative hip-hop.

However according to Q-Tip, the two groups built a lot on each other’s work, with A Tribe Called Quest using N.W.A.’s debut album as inspiration for The Low End Theory and in turn, Dr. Dre listening to the latter album to inspire him to make The Chronic.

Both Q-Tip and Dr. Dre are two of the greatest producers of all time and to know that they influenced and motivated each other like that is incredible.

Q-Tip: It was listening to N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton that inspired us to make The Low End Theory, and years later I spoke to Dr. Dre and he told me that hearing The Low End Theory inspired him to make The Chronic. That’s what music does.

Source: Complex – The 50 Greatest Sophomore Albums in Hip-Hop History

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