Hip-hop heads, did you know that on the classic It Was Written track, “The Message”, Nas fired a couple of subliminal shots at Jay-Z?

In an interview with Complex on the making of his sophomore album, Nas spoke about how it was an extremely competitive time in hip-hop when artists like Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and Tupac were breaking out and he had to make a statement with “The Message.”

Nas also spoke in particular about one line on the track – “Lex with TV sets the minimum” – which was aimed at the up-and-coming Jay-Z. As hip-hop heads all know, the friendly rivalry between Nas and Jay-Z became a full-blown beef with the rappers battling it out for hip-hop’s crown in the late-90s to early 00s.

“I saw Jay-Z driving a Lexus with the TVs in them. I got rid of my Lexus at that point and I was looking for the next best thing. It wasn’t a shot at Jay but it was just saying that’s the minimum you gotta have.

It’s not a shot at him but he inspired that line. It wasn’t necessarily a shot at him but because the song was a shot at everybody, he fell into that. But he definitely inspired that line.”

Source: Complex – The Making of Nas’ “It Was Written”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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