Hip-hop heads, did you know that The Fatback Band’s 1979 hit “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” was the first commercially released hip-hop song?

Many people regard The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” which was also released in 1979, as the first rap song and while “Rapper’s Delight” was definitely a bigger hit charting all over the world – “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” dropped a few months before it.

The Fatback Band were a funk and disco band who found most of their success in the ’70s and ’80s with a string of R&B hits like “(Do The) Spanish Hustle”, “I Like Girls”, “Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money)”, “Backstrokin'” and “I Found Lovin.”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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