Hip-hop heads, did you know that Biggie once recorded a 2Pac diss over a J Dilla beat?

Dilla produced a track called “The Ugliest” for frequent collaborator Busta Rhymes’ debut album, The Coming, which featured a guest verse from Biggie, who took shots at 2Pac.

“Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top

Chillin’ on the scene, smokin’ pounds of green

Ooh-wee, you see, the ugliest

Money-hungriest, Brooklyn Loch-Ness

Nine millimeter cock test, wan fi’ test?

And the winner is, not that thinner kid

Bandanas, tattoos, my fist never bruise”

However, because of the increasing hostilities between Bad Boy and Death Row, Busta Rhymes wisely decided to shelve the song in case it escalated things.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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