Hip hop heads, did you know that the legendary Ghostface Killah was one of the main inspirations for Kanye’s early musical style?

As one of the most soulful members of the Wu, Ghostface was renowned for his singy-songy, choppy flow, merging old school R&B and soul and humour.

About Ghostface, Kanye said:

“Me and Just love Ghostface so much, that’s Hip-Hop’s favorite rapper and one of my favorite rappers, so we were trying to make all these beats for Ghostface but just so happens we’re at Roc-A-Fella and Jay heard them and rapped on them. We were making all these beats for Ghostface because we get so inspired by his albums. I feel like I got my whole style from Ghostface. Listen to what I’m saying, I need that in print, I feel like I got my whole style from Ghostface.”

The two rappers would go on to appear on Ghost’s “Back Like That (Remix).”

Written by Stop The Breaks
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