Hip-hop heads, did you know that if it wasn’t for legendary hip-hop producer and sneakerhead, DJ Clark Kent, one of the classic tracks off Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt might never have happened?

According to Clark Kent in an XXL interview on the making of Reasonable Doubt, he was fresh off touring with Biggie when Big heard the beat for what would become “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

Since the track was already promised to Jay-Z, Big was adamant on appearing on the record and followed Clark Kent to D&D studio where he would meet Jay-Z.

DJ Clark Kent: I was like, “Big wants to be on that record. Why don’t you put Big on that record? He heard the beat. He likes it.” Jay was like, “I don’t really know him like that.” And Dame was like, “I ain’t paying him, neither.” I was just like, Ah, okay. So then I’m like, “If I get him to do it for free would you do it?” He was like, “Yeah, we’ll try it.” So I run downstairs. I go get Big, bring him upstairs, and they met each other the right way, properly.

Source: XXL – The Making of Reasonable Doubt Told U So

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