Hip-hop heads, did you know that Talib Kweli was originally on The Roots’ “Double Trouble” but Black Thought had him taken off?

In an interview with Complex about his 25 Most Essential Songs, Kweli recounted back when The Roots were putting together their 1999 commercial breakthrough album, Things Fall Apart, and Questlove got in touch with him and Mos Def (who were Black Star at the moment) to rap on “Double Trouble.”

The duo dropped their verses on the track but when the album came out only Mos Def’s part on “Double Trouble.” Years later, while touring with The Roots, Kweli found out that Thought had heard his verse, didn’t think it was up to scratch and had it removed off the track. As one of the best Philly rappers of all time, the Roots MC was in a position to say who was dope and who wasn’t.

Kweli would later go on to collaborate again with The Roots on their 2002 album, Phrenology, trading bars with Thought on “Rolling with the Heat.” Fortunately this time, Thought didn’t take the verse off.

Source: Complex – Talib Kweli Breaks Down His 25 Most Essential Songs

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