The Xiii Campaign is an American hip hop collective from Dublin, Georgia which consists of artists Lord D’Andre $mith, Quacino Ca$h, Alexx (aka ATO), and Pavor Nocturnu$.

Each artist brings their own unique flavor to the group which allows them to be quite diverse and gives them a very unique and refreshing sound.

Since first forming in 2015, The Xiii has been working on building a loyal fan base mainly in their local area, and grinding hard while still remaining underground.

1) Tell me about your latest project, UNTITLED13. What was the inspiration behind it?

It had been a while since we put out a group project, so we decided to lock ourselves in the studio for a week and record at least one song everyday. UNTITLED13 was the result.

2) The project is hosted by MMG’s official DJ Q – how did you guys link up?

My manager, Fresh suggested that we link with DJ Q a while back. So after we finished recording the tape, we finally reached out to Q and his team at Maybach Radio & SCM. They saw our vision and agreed to do the tape with us.

3) How does it feel to have a label like MMG supporting your movement?

It feels good as fuck to wake up to a call from the CEO of Maybach Radio telling me we’ve “got hits” while our tape is playing in the background.

We’re just some kids from a small town with talent & a dream, so we are just grateful to see that it’s becoming a reality and our hard work starting to pay off.

4) Since forming the collective in 2015, how has it been working together as a group? What are some of the benefits and challenges of working together?

We all got good chemistry so it’s easy for us to work together. Plus we’ve all known each other since we were kids.. Same city, same schools, and all.

5) What does each member bring to the table?

We’re more than just rappers. We are true “artists.” Everyone in the group produces and engineers as well as rapping.

We all come with our own unique styles. So, when we all get in the studio, there’s no telling what we might come up with. We just mix all that sauce together and eat! That’s how we come up with this new wave. That Xiii shit.

6) You guys have been working hard on building a fanbase, both local and outside your area, what have you been doing to cultivate fans?

When we first started, we would burn CDs and pass them out, but we don’t do that much anymore. Now we mainly promote to our fans on social media. We also do shows every now and then in surrounding cities.

Usually when people hear our music for the first time, they get hooked because of the sound. We don’t try make the same kind of music everybody else makes, and people appreciate the creativity.

7) With your latest project out, what are your goals for 2017?

We got Xiii merchandise coming soon. More hits, more visuals, solo projects, shows. We stepping everything up X2 this year. Just stay tuned.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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