Having fans that genuinely appreciate your work, let alone notice it can be a tough thing to break into, we’re going to break down how to earn fans you can really connect with.

If you read our piece on monetizing yourself in 2017, you know that you need to take advantage of music streaming and social media.

Facebook can be especially helpful with building a genuine fanbase because you are likely already connected to people who know and appreciate who you are!

It can be hard and uncomfortable sharing your new creations with the people close for your for the first time, but once you do you are bound the establish some real fans and take on genuine critique of your music.

Once you’re ready to take your fanbase to Twitter and Instagram, make sure you are consistent but not overbearing when it comes to getting your content out to your potential audience. You want to keep them engaged without drowning their timeline with useless posts.

To be an artist, you need to be completely willing to take on any nasty feedback someone has to give you, and you can best prepare for this by showing off your content on the social medias mentioned above. Fair traveling, and be warned.

Play your music in public settings

Be it in the car with your friends, in the carpool to work, or even the person you’re sitting next to on the bus, let someone next to you hear your music, they might really love it.

Now don’t be invading people’s privacy, but some people don’t realize how hearing something new can really open up their mind.

Also try making some physical copies of your music to hand out to people and leave in random places. If it’s no major expense to you, then you could be potentially leaving your content in the hands of someone who will change your life.

Try spreading awareness of your artistry and your content on various related forums. Often you will attract someone willing to give anything in their respective underground genre a chance, including you. Anybody that clings on to your music is someone that can potentially support your career going forward.

Make sure all your content is available on SoundCloud and YouTube where you can easily track the activity it gets, including comments that give you real feedback, despite how hard it may be to sort through garbage comments to get to genuine critique.


Performing at festivals is an amazing way to build fans. Rarely do festival goers know everybody on a bill so given the chance that they stumble into your set, you could easily be earning yourself some new fans.

Performing at festivals gives you an opportunity to see people from around the world and experience how different regions react to your music.

The same concept for gaining fans goes for performing at smaller venues and going on tour as well. You never know when your friend is gonna drag you to the show of some artist you’ve never heard before. Hey! That could be you. Take your chance with performing and you are almost guaranteed to pick up some new eyes on your craft.

Be consistent

Being consistent includes being consistent with the quality of your music as well as the release of it. You don’t want people to remember you for regressing in your craft, but rather releasing everything you make at the peak of it’s creativity.

You also don’t want to take too long to release your new music, especially if you want to retend your fans.

Unless you’re a master of generating hype, the typical consumer has too much going on on a day to day basis to keep up with your underground career, so make sure you play your cards right.

Lastly just remember to be genuine.

One of the easiest ways to lose fans is if they found out how fake you are, so the easy way to avoid this is to just not be fake.

Be a genuine artist and be consistently genuine using the tools we’ve told you about and you’re sure to be on the path to building a real audience.

Written by Stop The Breaks
Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. We provide branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services.