Our goal here at Stop The Breaks is to educate and empower independent hip-hop artists grinding around the world.

As an independent artist grinding by yourself, you don’t always have the time or resources to educate yourself on the music business.

This is where Stop The Breaks can help you, offering helpful resources to empower your grind.

Moving forward, all Stop The Breaks ebooks are discounted from $19 to $9 per volume.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 1: featuring case studies on independent artists like E-40, Chance the Rapper, Curren$y and Tech N9ne.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 2: featuring case studies on independent artists like Nipsey Hussle, Macklemore, and Freddie Gibbs.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 3 – Music Business: covering Music Publishing, 360 Record Deals, Music Copyright, Finding Investors, Music Licensing.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 4 – Building a Fanbase: covering building local fans in your city, building fanbases in different cities, live shows, merchandise.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 5 – Touring: covering booking, planning and promoting your own live shows, hiring a touring promoter, selling merchandise at your live shows.

Independent Music Grind Vol. 6 – Digital Promotion & Marketing: covering setting up and managing your own website, how to monetise your content – music sales, merchandise, advertising, building a promotion platform that you control and own.

Written by Stop The Breaks
Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. We provide branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services.