Curtis III Is an American artist who records, mixes, and distributes all of his work fully independent since 2014. His music is filled with forbidden knowledge and a liberated perspective leaving listeners curious and anxious to uncover more of the untold. His forthcoming album “Never to Destroy you” is Opening to dialogue about Financial Freedom, intellectual property, Self love, And self accountability.

1) Do you remember the moment you wanted to be a hip-hop artist?

8th grade 2008, when I realized I could record at home and make a song with pro tools.

2) What was it like creating your latest project?

I have songs on there from 2017. Iv been recording this since I was still in college. It’s a collection of time stamps that show my journey from then to now. Multiple Streams of consciousness into one album

3) What are you trying to achieve with the project?

With this one it’s about reaching the people it’s mean for. Whoever it reaches it’s for them, every song every word is used to never destroy you but to lift you high and set you free

4) What are your thoughts on staying independent or signing to a major label?

I think it would be foolish to ever sign to a major label. Get a TuneCore take ownership create your content and release it. Publish last forever sound last forever. If your serious about your art then take the time to learn the business yourself.

5) How do you feel about the independent hip-hop industry right now?

Perfect time to be an artist. Everything is at your fingertips. Anything you want to know or find out is reachable you just have to go for it. It’s not about quick success but steady and consistent content over a course of time that will pay off.

I went from 250$ in my tune core to over $2,000 from an album that was released in 2015.

6) As an independent hip-hop artist grinding it out, what sort of promotion and marketing are you doing to stand out from the rest?

Download cards, word of mouth, streaming platforms, and social media.

Word of mouth is key.

7) How do you currently make money as an independent artist?

TuneCore. I get paid for Streams from Apple, Spotify, amazon, YouTube, Shazam, etc. and also quarterly publishing.

8) How do you feel about hip-hop today?

It’s ever changing and evolving

9) What artists in the game today do you look at for inspiration?

I like to look back at my old content and draw inspiration from that. I look at everything that going on though, I see everything

10) Who are your top 5 rappers dead or alive?

  1. Wale
  2. Kendrick Lamar
  3. Drake
  4. J. Cole
  5. Lil Wayne
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