1) Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I’m a Mississippi rapper that loves to speak about what’s really going on, regardless of how people feel about it. I also don’t usually tell people where I’m from until they hear my music because no one likes very many MS artists.


2) Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

I didn’t listen to rap “my whole life” but I can say J Cole and K Dot made a huge difference for my life musically.

3) How would you describe yourself as an artist? Has your style changed much over the years?

I would say an “honest” rapper. I’ve said things that only a handful of rappers would admit, mainly because I speak on being extremely broke to my family cutting me off.

4) What’s your process like for making music? Do you have a set routine or does it vary track by track?

Every project is required to mean something on a large scale. I usually start making slow, lyrical, or even personal songs first since those inspire people more. Then once I do those, I focus on “club bangers” or “catchy” music.

5) Can you run me through the making of your latest project? Where were the studio vibes like?

My latest project, Failures & Success was something I worked on for 3 years. The intro “Nickles and Dimes” hook was written by my close friend, but it was upbeat. So I slowed it down and recorded my version in 2013, and that song really created my idea of the project. I wanted a truthful, and lyrical set of songs.

Then, I ended up with too many “personal, slow” songs than actual enjoyable/catchy music so I had to rearrange the whole project, added “I’m Kool” because I want my product to have an album-like feel. Some songs are 3 years old and others are 2 months old, but I just wanted people to feel it like people feel “Friday Night Lights” – J Cole or better.

6) What sort of independent hip-hop promotion and marketing are you doing to differentiate yourself from other artists?

Photography actually promotes me well as an artist because everyone wants a photo so its hard to look pass my music then. Also I’ve done two promotions with Datpiff when my projects were released, and also Youtube vlogs, which is different because “Low Tide DeeVision” sees life at an unfiltered angle on what really goes on, unlike reality shows now-a-days.

7) What are you thoughts on the current state of hip-hop music today?

I think hip hop has taken a huge downfall with the type of music that is out, due to lack of lyricists or over saturation of rappers overall. I do enjoy some of today’s music but my overall view of hip hop music is sub par.

8) What music are you listening to these days? Anyone in hip-hop really blowing your mind?

J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Mack Miller, Krit, K Dot, and Joyner Lucas are my favorites. Rae Sremmurd is mind blowing because they are true to themselves and being successful coming out of MS.

9) If you could work with any artist you wanted, what would be your dream collaboration?

Probably Joyner Lucas. I think we fit together on a song better than I would with other artists. Though I’m not very quick to collab with many people.

10) What has been the best moment in your music career so far?

When I got boo’ed and cheered for at the same time at a Talent Show here at Miss State Univ with the “Apollo” theme. Because I basically told the crowd that people shouldn’t look at rappers as “lame” if they are not famous, because at the end of the day, “most of yall girls gon’ be strippers in a few years.” Its on youtube also.

11) So what’s next for you?

Atlanta, because MS is not a place for artists that actually want to talk about something passionate to them. ATL has opportunities I need. Also I’ll release another 5 song project with nothing but bangers or performance songs.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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