Connecticut rapper-producer, MG, just dropped his latest tape, Force Of Nature (Instrumentals), on DatPiff for fans for cop and enjoy.

Inspired by the likes of legendary hip-hop artists like 2Pac, OutKast and Timbaland as well as musicians like Kurt Kobain and Donnie Hathaway, the 34-track mixtape is an amazing showcase of MG’s ability to take his influences and craft his own sound.

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1) Tell us a little about yourself and your background

As far my background goes I am a producer from Connecticut that started off as a rapper doing mixtapes with Big Mike & DJ Ill Will, opening up for Talib Kweli & Joe Budden, droppin music videos and all that, the whole nine and shit.

I always had a thing for melody and as time went on I started developing an ear or a vision towards how I could flip certain samples and all that. So I started putting beats I was producing on the mixtapes I was rappin on, got a great response and was like “Ima pursue THIS full time instead” about 20 instrumental mixtapes later Im happy with the decision I made and will bring more and more to the table.

2) Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

Coming up my musical influences were 2pac, Method Man, Kanye West, Outkast, Timbaland, Heatmakerz, Dipset, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Just Blaze, Donnie Hathaway, damn near everyone.

3) What’s your process like for making music? Do you have a set routine or does it vary track by track?

As far as my process goes and how I create, I have to be inspired otherwise I wont start a thing. If I dont feel something is heading in the right direction I trash it, no forcing nothing… Sometimes Ill be in a elevator here something and be like DING DING I can flip that or Ill just be playing around with melodies and something works out.

4) Who are the top artists you’re listening to these days?

Who I’m listening to now? I go to the streets first, the dudes/chicks that are on the come up. I love hearing the people in pursuit because you never no what you are gonna come across!

But Im really diggin Vince Staples the most right now, someone to watch right there. Chase N Cashe, Pusha, Ye, 3000 (still) Kendrick (the whole TDE), the 808 Mafia, and Drake

5) As an independent artist, what are you doing in terms of promotion and marketing in order to differentiate yourself from others?

Giving out free beats, I know people that don’t fuck with me because I do that, like I ain’t serious. They think Im crazy. Im serious as a heart attack though.

But its what I do, and I feel Ill get what I put out there in return anyway. Im gettin mine, and eventually freebies wont be the case, at least at the end of the day the hip hop communtiy can look at me and be like “he gave us mad shit to rock to” I know what its like to be an independent artist looking for help so thats how I see what Im doing as somethin different.

6) What’s the number tip you would give to someone who’s looking to get in the music industry?

The number one tip I would give is BE YOUR #1 SUPPORTER work until you develop the confidence in your material where you don’t beg for people to listen to your shit. Because you’re just gonna piss yourself off at the end of the day.

People don’t have to buy into your dream, whats in it for them. Flip the spectrum develop that undeniable belief and when people LOOK at you they’ll be able to tell you’re the real deal.

7) How do you feel about hip-hop today and where it’s headed?

In my opinion Hip Hop is in a beautiful place. A scary place if you’re an OG use to how things were, but adapting to the times. Theres a lot of potential in areas, where people see flaws.

Right now if you have the goods you’re finna shine because theres so many mediocre artists out there that if you find a way to outshine them your gonna take the cake. The “back In The Day” is over its a new day.

And if the industry spends a little more time in the artist department and a little less time in the how can we make money department. They’ll make more money because they’re missin out on so much talent. I hear it everyday!

Written by Stop The Breaks
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