1) How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

I started rapping when I was 15, Im 25 now so 10 years. I got into rapping because at the time I saw alot of other artist getting on who were my age. I was like damn if they could do it I could do it why cant I do it? I got the talent.

I saw it as a way to get out of my situation cuz I had alot goin on at home wit my mom. But As I got older and matured rap turned into a tool that I could use to motivate people.

I wanted to be an example and show all the people who go through bs on the day to day if they got a dream they could make it. I wanted to be that voice to tell them keep going that I didn’t have.

2) What sort of hurdles and obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?

Whew, what havent I been through lol? I was in foster care as a kid as well as in and out of juvie a lot. I got kicked out of high school when I was 16 for missing to many days. funny thing Is I wouldn’t even skip out of school I would jus go to all the gyms and play basketball and all the lunches and play cards.

I struggled with homelessness up until just recently actually. I would just sleep wherever I could sometimes If I didnt have a friend I could stay wit. But regardless I just always stayed motivated because of my music, my love and my passion for it.

I knew my story and the things I was experiencing, no matter how bad, were for a reason. I knew it would help me truly connect with people that go through the struggle and stress everyday and lead them out of it.

3) What’s the hardest thing about being an independent artist?

Financing and the Business aspect of music. Its hard at times to juggle real life situations and your dreams. Its even harder to get some people willing to invest in you. They wanna see a long drawn out business plan not understanding that you as an artist are the business plan.

You kind of stuck in a catch 22. You need money so that you can produce the material to show them but they want to see the material you dont really have before they give you money. At the end of the day though I learned how to make myself an asset as much as possible.

Also I Learned how to do alot of things WELL myself which cuts down cost. Honestly If you just invest in yourself not only fincially but mentally with learning, you can overcome alot of the finical challenges. Oh, Also the Articles here on StopTheBreaks.com dont hurt either lol (Shameless plug)

4) Are there any independent hip-hop artists out there who inspire and motivate you?

Definitely. Dizzy wright, Mac Miller before he signed to a major, Tech N9ne, doing crazy things independently. Oh and of course the big one chance the rapper.

He’s the definition and blueprint to me of what a independent artist should strive for. He’s creating his own rules and breaking the chains of the industry. It just reinforces my focus on what Im trying to do and let’s me know Its possible to do.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Happy. As long as Im making music and people like it and connecting with it I’m happy. I never needed or wanted too much from this rap shit.

I just want to help change and save lives through my music as well as do what I love for a living. Im committed to making sure that my craft can allow me and my family to live good while doing that.

6) Who were the first influences on your music and style?

Early on I was majorly influenced by T.I. He basically had the soundtrack through my adloescent struggles so that influenced me alot.

Also Jeezy because he had the swag for days but more importantly he was motivation for the streets. Nas was also probably the first rapper I connected with truly. He wasn’t too street but more of a poet who could tell stories. 2Pac is the to me the epitome of what an artist should be.

7) If you could choose to collaborate with 3 other artists on the same track – who would they be?

J. Cole. That one of my fav artist and my biggest influences so that would be crazy. I know the heart and lyricisim would be on point. Lauryn Hill is another one. She’s the dream collab of mine.

Lyrics, Soul, and a voice unmatched. She’s the queen for a reason. Last but not least I’d go a little new school and say Tink. She’s a special talent that does alot of things well. I think with some work she could be this generations lauryn.

8) What makes your music different to other artists?

My story. You can be a better rapper than me, have better production, have more swag. I won’t matter because my story is universal.

We all go through struggle and pain. My music is the motivation for those times. I want it to be a blueprint for success and what ever that means to the person.

9) What are you hoping to achieve with your music?

I hope to change and save peoples live. Awards and money, God willing, would be amazing but that’s not my focus at all. I just want to do what I love for a living and take care of my family.

I’m dedicated to making my music make that possible. Music is a vessel for me to pursue other artistic and business venture. I hope to one day provide that same platform to other artist as well.

10) What do you think is the biggest barrier an artist like yourself has to overcome, to gain commercial success?

The biggest barrier artist face to me is building a good team. Its hard to get likeminded people who want to push themselves for greater things. You can be Michael Jordan, but with no Phil, No Pippen, no Rodman your not going anywhere. So to me the most difficult thing is finding the right people.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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