1) How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

I been Rapping since 13. 20yrs. I got Started rapping by Dancing and Listening to Music on Radio and T.V. Then after hearing a rap song I liked I not only liked the music but practiced with my friends and Family.

2) What sort of hurdles and obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?

Segregation, Hate, Fear, Death, Cut Throat, Anger, Pain, Abuse and Self Control.

3) What’s the hardest thing about being an independent artist?

The fact that you have to work Harder to Get Heard but with a Label they help you get Heard but aren’t helpful in making you a better Artist.

4) Are there any independent hip-hop artists out there who inspire and motivate you?

Hip Hop Artist That I would Work With That Are Independent that I would Work With Are Lil Skies,Landon Cube, And Ian Sean.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see Myself as a Business Owner and or C.E.O. of a Company.

6) Who were the first influences on your music and style?

The First Influences on My Music and Style were Run DMC,Will Smith,Salt&Pepper, D.J. Jazzy Jeff,N.W.A., Ice T, The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill,Ice Cube,Mc Ren,Underground Rap from da North and The South and Last But Not Least Mixtapes and D.J. Clue.

7) If you could choose to collaborate with 3 other artists on the same track – who would they be?

Ian Sean, B.O.B. and Mike Jones.

8) How do you currently make money as an independent hip-hop artists?

I work Jobs Temporary for A Day or How Ever long an Employer Has Work For Me. Mainly Construction.

9) What are you hoping to achieve with your music?

Spread Love, Give Opportunity to The Youth and Give Back To The Community.

10) What do you think is the biggest barrier an artist like yourself has to overcome, to gain commercial success?

The Biggest Barrier an Artist Like Me Has to Over Come To Become a Commercial Success is Being Themselves and Being an Artist who can Brand Themself Universally in The Music Industry When That Might be Or Might Not be What They Can Do or What They Like To Do.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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