The Vault EP is the latest project from the CEO of Illmatic Productions, Co-Founder of The Villains and hip-hop producer, Tyrone Moore. Stream or download The Vault EP here then kick back and light one up to enjoy the music.

1) Tell me a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Tyrone Moore, I grew up not the richest kid on the block. At a young age my mom, sister and I moved into a low income apartment area and that’s where (For some odd reason) Hip-Hop really hit me in the head.

Albums like Marshall Mathers LP, alot of Tupac and Biggie. Music however was the last thing I wanted to do, I played ball at every court I could find. Watched EVERY episode of And1 (Remember that show?) So basically I had a ball and a walkman on.

Hip-Hop was there just as much as sports were, but the music part of me kinda took over on it’s own without me knowing. My grandpa by that time had landed a spot in the IOWA Rock n Roll hall of fame and that’s why I kept trying to shy away from being a music producer/or artist for that matter. I didn’t like the idea of being the grandson who “Does it because his grandpa does it.”

but now matter how hard I tried to walk away I would always find myself back at it, either teaching my self how to write or being self taught on the piano, drums, trombone…What I could grab I would try to play it.

I actually got far enough to record my first studio album. It was a 3 track cd called “Fame” that got me signed shorty after it’s release to a label out Des Moines, IA.

At that point I really started getting very serious about it, I said “Whatever man, let people think what they want about my skin color. This is obviously what I’m meant to do.”

2) Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

In 96 I flipped on the tv and the death scene of Tupac was on the news, I asked my mom who was Tupac and she explained to me he was a rapper…Then I asked her what a rapper was…haha

So I would say Pac introduced me to Hip-Hop, but Eminem taught me how to rap. I wrote and recorded for some years, but ended up where I am now as a full time music producer. Producers like Dre, JohnnyJuliano, and Anno Domini are the reasons I produce

But overall my Grandpa is the main reason I do what I do, he gave me a reason to keep on going not only with life but with music as well. In my lowest darkest points he was the one who gave me that extra spark like “He’s in the Hall Of FAME, i’m his grandson. I can do that too.”

3) What’s your process like for making music? Do you have a set routine or does it vary track by track?

My process is about 99% random. BUT I always start with the melody, I tend to think music doesn’t have a process so other than laying out a complicated melody or something that I know is catchy first, after that it’s whatever comes to me.


4) Can you run me through the making of your latest project? How the idea came about and what the studio vibes were like?

My last project was called “The Vault EP” It was a collection of “Chill-Step” tracks I had produced for really no reason other than the fun of dabbing in a different genera. I realized I had made enough tracks and thought, hey..Maybe I could actually do something with these…

The process was very educational. I don’t want to call these tracks “Simple” but really that’s what they are is very very simple, and any REAL producer will tell you that is a very difficult thing to do. We as producers know that less is more, but actually putting that on a wav and releasing it isn’t very easy.

We tend to think over and over again like “This is TOO simple, I need to add a little more. That 808 is boring, this melody isn’t catchy anybody could make this I need to make it better” It’s a headache haha

In the end these tracks were honestly some of the most fun iv’e had in the studio. Very laid back, I just got in there and did what I think is “Chill-Step” I was able to get very creative going from Hip-Hop to a EDM state of mind. I loved it

5) What sort of independent hip-hop promotion and marketing are you doing to differentiate yourself from other artists?

Well, my GFX designer and I like to do these annual EP’s. One is based wholly around Nintendo games (So it’s basically Dub-Step mixed with an 8-Bit influence with specific Nintendo games references in each track according the the name of the track.

I will produce the entire tape alone, he will make any and all artwork and it’s something fun we like to do to get away from the customers “This needs to look like this, this needs to sound like this. Oh and by the way I’m not paying you” stuff we deal with every day.

I also produce post video production for each beat and upload them to YouTube, as well as my own intro’s promo’s outros and market campaigns. I’m not sure how much this differentiate’s me but it seems to work well, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I really just go with the flow as far as promo goes.

Anything any other artists trying to make would do, paid sponsors, homepage coverage etc.

6) What’s the number tip you would give to someone who’s looking to get in the music industry?

I would tell anybody and everybody this. Be real. Be honest. Be YOU. Don’t do it for the money, do it for the love of your craft. There will ALWAYS be more money to grab, but the love you have and the fun you have in the studio each session is will always be enough for you at the end of the day.

Love your music and others will too. I once had a random girl come run up to me at a party last year and she was really really shy, blushing telling me how much she loved my music and she was a huge fan. We stood there and nerded out about music software, midi controllers and music theory for a good while.

THAT made me fell better then any amount of money EVER COULD! It was truly a humbling experience.

7) How do you feel about hip-hop today and where it’s headed?

I feel like artsts like Slaughter House, Eminem, Sno Tha Product and ALL of Strange Music are the ONLY forces keeping this music alive, and that’s because just like I said on the last question. They do it because they love it.

Nothing more. Kendrick Lamar is fire too. It was in a very dark place but I feel because of these great artists we could be coming up on a golden age of Hip-Hop again.

8) What music are you listening to these days? Anyone in hip-hop really blowing your mind?

I listen to allot of Lecrae, Trip Lee and all of Reach Records. Kendrick Lamar and Snow Tha Product are lyrical monsters.  Tech N9ne will always be a beast.  Shady is still Shady.


Written by Stop The Breaks
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