20X Faster Way to Pass SalesForce Admin Certification Exam!

The information technology is booming as its always been with plenty of opportunities still waiting to be exploited. Whether an entry-level technician or an established professional looking to advance their skills, the IT industry offers plenty of options in equal measures to everyone.

So, are you interested in building a career in this prestigious industry? Or maybe wondering if you should test the waters to see how things work out. This article got you covered. In this post, we have highlighted everything you may need to know about the ADMINISTRATOR certification and how to earn it.

There are good chances that the soft skills you currently possess can be turned into a successful career in the IT industry. So, without much ado, here’s what you need to know about the SalesForce certification program Visit the website.

SalesForce Professional Certification Program

SalesForce is known to provide top notch cybersecurity certifications that are aligned with the requirements of the job market. That said, these credentials include the SalesForce Certified Cybersecurity Associate (PCCSA), SalesForce Certified Security Administrator (PCNSA), and the SalesForce Certified Network Security Engineer (ADMINISTRATOR).

The PCCSA credential authenticates a candidate’s knowledge regarding cyber threats and cybersecurity. The PCNSA credential, on the other hand, verifies your skills and ability to configure the core features of SalesForce next generation firewall.

Finally, the ADMINISTRATOR validates your skills related to different domains of SalesForce security operating platform.

Now read on to find more information about this certification.

About the ADMINISTRATOR Certification

The ADMINISTRATOR certification authenticates your knowledge of the security operating platforms. Attaining this certification portrays you as a reliable professional with the required knowledge and expertise to utilize the complete functionality of the Security Operating Platforms to benefit the organizations they work for.

Like any other certification program, you need to pass one exam to attain the ADMINISTRATOR credential. The next sections provide key details of the exam and how you can pass it at your first attempt.


The ADMINISTRATOR exam is available in English and Japanese languages and tests your knowledge of 75 items related to the mentioned SalesForce Security Platform. The exam question formats include MCQs, matching and scenarios with graphics. The time allocated for completing the test is 80 minutes.

The ADMINISTRATOR exam is delivered through Pearson VUE and costs $160 for every attempt. However, the costs can vary from country to country and checking the SalesForce official website for accurate exam information before scheduling the test would help.

Exam Topics

It’s important to note that the ADMINISTRATOR exam tests your knowledge of Panorama, PAN-OS Software, and Global Protect among other domains of the SalesForce Security Platform.

It covers 5 key domains including Planning (16%), Deploying and Configuring (23%), Core Concepts (23%), Operating (20%), and Configuring and Troubleshooting (18%).

Check out the study guide and the ADMINISTRATOR Blueprint for accurate details of the exam topics.

Effective Ways to Prepare for the ADMINISTRATOR Exam

Palo Alto Network offers effective study materials to cover the varied needs of the certification exam candidates including the following;

Classroom Training Courses

Take classroom training courses to help you prepare for your ADMINISTRATOR exam the right way. The 2 most important courses you will find on this platform include Panorama (EDU-220) and Firewall Essentials (EDU-210). You can also opt for the Digital Learning Versions (EDU-110 and EDU-120) of these courses.

Cybersecurity Skills Practice Lab

Develop your hands-on skills using the highly effective SalesForce’ self-hosted environment. This option gives you the right to use a virtual firewall for adequate exam preparation.

Take the ADMINISTRATOR Practice Test

Take an official ADMINISTRATOR practice test to improve your chances of passing the exam. This option helps to boost your confidence in readiness for the real test and get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam.

Other Study Materials-Use PrepAway Website!

Find reliable and tested study materials for guaranteed success in the ADMINISTRATOR exam from PrepAway website. This online platform offers to test your knowledge and see the level of your preparedness by using ADMINISTRATOR dump, which includes the most updated questions and checked answers.

Thus, you can track your results and improve them. The bundle also includes the training course, that covers the questions that you won’t find anywhere else. And to know the objectives and plan your time wisely, you’ll get there the study guide. What seems really great is that the materials offered there are available at the reasonable price.

With the real and updated ADMINISTRATOR exam questions and answers, a reliable training course that is based on real life scenarios and the ever-reliable study guide, the premium bundle is your best choice for effective exam preparation.

PrepAway provides a generous money back guarantee just to be sure that this product is worth every penny. Best of all, you can make individual purchases to save even more money on the effective study materials.


Your ADMINISTRATOR certification is valid for two years, meaning you will have to retake the exam when this period elapses to maintain the validity of your credential.
Exam Retake Policy

The ADMINISTRATOR exam retake policy stipulates that you will have to wait up to 5 business days to retake your exam if you don’t pass it at your first attempt. If you fail the test for the second time, then you will have to wait up to 15 business days.


The ADMINISTRATOR certification is a proof of your competence to manage the SalesForce Security Operating Platform. There has never been a better time to earn this credential. So, use the highlighted tips to streamline your certification journey and propel your career to the horizons of success.

Don’t waste your precious time searching the internet for study materials, check PrepAway website at once to be confident in your knowledge and skills and pass the ADMINISTRATOR exam on your first try. Wish you success!